About Sigmax

Company Details

SigmaX.ai is a company with a combined hardware and software approach when it comes to solving Enterprise Data Management problems at-scale. SigmaX builds and extends Apache Open Source Software so that our customers can benefit from the combined development efforts without the obligation of vendor lock-in.

Hardware R&D – Reap the benefits of integrated software to get the leanest, most efficient and reliably built system for your business-specific use-case.

Experience the benefits of our unique offering:

  • Compressed Return-On-Investment
  • Outstanding customer support for both hardware AND software
  • A predictable roadmap
  • Pricing that is very tough to beat
  • Our roadmap tests new technologies constantly in both lanes and provides the latest sustainable generation of both stacks so your business operates with reduced cost/risk

The SigmaX lineage and market-creation of our employees includes:

  • Cloudera
  • Sun Microsystems
  • HPE
  • RedHat
  • Nallatech
  • Oracle

We at SigmaX operate within the context of Open Systems. Open Software, and a transparent business model!

Our Original offering, the node.IOT, was developed in collaboration with Intel Corporation R&D (back in 2014) to solve a known problem of accelerating messaging infrastructure while also creating an “Open First” solution that is easy to extend in any direction. The original purpose of that design was to perform High-Speed Data Analytics for incredibly tough datasets which were machine frequency detection algorithms that message when a signal of interest is detected among all possible machine frequencies. Some of the uses for that technology stack included: Predictive Maintenance, Manufacturing and Assembly testing, and pretty much any manner of known-signal detection. Now on version 3.2 of that technology, we began to apply that “Open First” model and extend it to “Open Business Acceleration”.

A main feature of the core SigmaX strategy includes partnerships not only with industry giant champions such as Intel Corporation, but also a variety of Research Institutions (3 at the moment). But our commitment to Open Source remains constant across all of our vertical partnerships. Our software stack evolves to meet our customer’s business problems head-on. Through partnership with other industry leaders (such as Nvidia) we offer extended support for our customers to connect our Data Engineering fabric (Open Standards based, of course) to IOT. This means our customer can go from Data Science/AI model development, testing and validation steps, then connect those models to a Production-ready IOT fabric. Use our models, or start with our Autonomous Data Engineering stack and roll your own! Be aware, the baseline includes the best hardware and software combination of back-testing for increased confidence and quick time-to-market with new data models.

How do we monetize our Product? It’s simple…

  • Hardware and Software costs are Open and Compressed because they are engineered to work together
    • SigmaX provides a hardware configuration with pre-installed software that is included in the purchase price
    • Realize huge cost savings when bundling hardware and software!
    • We onboard our customer into our combined Software and Hardware Support path
    • Since our customers have already invested in our Appliance, it’s very easy to offer greatly reduced prices on a baseline we’ve already tested and know to be valid support options
    • ANY customer can, at any time of their choosing, simply switch to Open Source based support instead of paying SigmaX if they are not happy with our support
    • We want you to be happy with us and continue enjoying our 80%-compressed support pricing